The Marketing functional area is charged with bringing customers into the store, onto the website, or through the call center to provide Store Operations with the opportunity to sell products or services. With the increase in information granularity, and the rise of highly sophisticated systems, marketers now have the ability to make their message as tailored and personal as necessary to accomplish this goal. While many retailers have driven down to individualized marketing, some have found it to be an unnecessary cost. Understanding what has worked from retail peers can help avoid some of the common pitfalls in Customer Relationship Management. In addition, some of the more traditional marketing methods, through newspaper tabs, are becoming less and less effective as circulation decreases, and internet promotions are becoming more and more commonplace. In this ever changing environment, marketers will find answers to both traditional and emerging process questions, with shared input across retail sectors.

    • Measurement of advertising effectiveness
    • Extent and methods of leveraging the internet channel for marketing
    • Involvement of Merchandising and Operations in marketing processes
    • Allocation of resources to various advertising media
    • Cycle times and number of iterations to develop creative content